Our new project is   RONG - Redesign of Leporello ,  Leporello is an ancient binding structure for books, in China mostly used in the typesetting of the sacred scripture of the Buddhists. Due to the voluminous manual work involved in production, it is not for mass production. The folding pages are additionally easy to fall off without sufficient protection. Leporello is therefore no longer the best choice for modern bookbinding. The virtue of leporello, however, lies in its slender form that is perfect for the typesetting of bilingual texts in multiple pages.

Modern processing techniques and materials are employed in designing the book. For example, the laser technique is used to cut and engrave the cover which is made of high-density fiberboards, saving considerable time for manual production.


我们的全新设计项目  融-经折装的再设计 。经折装是一种中国古老的书装结构,多用于佛教经文的排版。由于其制作过程依赖大量的手工,所以不适合大批量生产。另外,经折装里面折页缺乏保护,很容易发生页面脱落的现象,因此经折装不再是现代书装结构的首选。但经折装的优点是自身修长的结构很适合双语和多页面相结合的排版。