What is Nature? What is the relationship between design and nature? The topic our studio has been devoted to since its establishment.

After nearly 2 years’ exploration, we attempted early this year to reply to the proposed question with the four series of works.

LUFFA Series

Nature is a material, representative of environment-protection and green. We apply Nature in products to create more environmentally friendly and sustained design.

Annual Rings ClockForever Love Vase 
Nature is a philosophy, declaring change and dynamics, growth and life. We can express the philosophy implied in Nature by means of design.

"A New Gateway on the Plateau" project ( Tibetan Spinning Craft and Social Design, A New Gateway on the Plateau, MOGU Stool )
Nature is a symbol, signifying connection. We can use this sign to connect traditional craft with modern design in order to better serve the society. 


什么是“自然”? 设计与自然有什么样的关系?这是我们工作室一直致力研究的课题。


丝 系列家具


年轮钟  与  爱之瓶 


“ 打开高原之门 ” 设计项目(  藏族纺织与社会设计打开高原之门蘑菇凳