Themed on the Chinese traditional craft – the mortise and tenon joint, RONG Exhibition has entered its Sixth Year. Through six months’ designing and producing, our works  MOGU Stool  and  MOGU Table  appeared at the Maison&Objet Paris. This series is also a brand-new exploration of remolding the mortise-tenon structure with modern molding craft. Hereby my sincere gratitude goes to my co-designer Yihuan Yao and Rong Design Library.


融设计展览迎来了第六年,以中国传统工艺—榫卯为主题。经历近6个月的设计与制作,我们的作品 蘑菇系列家具  蘑菇凳  与  蘑菇桌  亮相法国巴黎的 Maison& Objet 设计展,这也是我们在用现代成型工艺重塑传统榫卯结构的一次全新探索。