During the Chinse Spring Festival 2018, Liang and his team paid a visit to the social enterprise Norlha, located in Ritoma Village in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The design project,  Tibetan Spinning and Social Design  was a major achievement of the research in Norlha. The project demonstrates the picture of Tibetans striving to acquire their sustainable happiness and respect with knowledge and diligence and open the gate connecting the plateau with the outside world. We extend our thanks to all the people that have lent us a hand during the research.


2018春节后,我与我团队来到甘南藏区的仁多玛村探访藏族社会企业诺乐,并完成我的设计研究项目  藏族纺织与社会设计 。藏民们用牦牛绒与自己勤劳的双手获得了持续的幸福与尊严,同时也打开了高原联通世界的大门。在此,我要由衷地感谢在本次设计考察中所有帮助过我的人!