Two pieces of Liang’s design,  LUFFA Series  and   X-Knitting Lounger , won respectively Red Dot Award 2018 - Best of the Best and Red Dot Award 2018 - Winner! With his original design, Liang was invited to stand on the podium of the highest level in global design. The honor drives ever-growing endeavor.

德国红点奖2018 — 至尊奖!

丝 系列家具   与   X-编织躺椅   两件作品从全球近8000个优秀设计中被评委们所青睐,分别获得德国红点奖至尊奖与优胜奖!非常荣幸可以用自己的原创作品站在全球设计最高级别的领奖台上,唯有继续努力才可以对得起这份殊荣。