It was another honour of Mindu that our design of MOGU series ( MOGU StoolMOGU Table ) was invited to be exhibited on SUN MAO Design Exhibition held in Sea World Culture and Art Center, Shenzhen. 

SUN MAO Design Exhibition gave form to the 6th year’s exhibition of “RONG”. Centering on the theme of Chinese traditional craft of mortise and tenon structure, the exhibition is not only the deconstruction and exploration of traditional crafts by designers, artists, and artisans from varied fields, but also a process of restructuring and creating through combining tradition and the modern.

Mingdu Design Studio produced the entire exhibiting design, ranging from the key poster, the countdown poster, the invitation letter, brochures, etc. for this Exhibition ( SUN MAO Design Exhibition ). 


非常荣幸我们的设计作品,蘑菇系列 — 蘑菇凳 与 蘑菇桌 应邀参加在深圳海上世界文化与艺术中心举办的榫卯设计展。


明渡设计工作室为这场设计展览,制作了包含主海报、倒计时海报、邀请函、宣传册等全套展览展示设计 ( 榫卯设计展 )。