RONG - Redesign of Leporello


Using this ancient form of bookbinding as a carrier, the book introduces and analyzes the development of "RONG" and "PINWU Design" from the designer’s perspective. A red elastic cord is applied to not only prevent the pages from falling in reading but to provide better protection when the pages are unfolded. The cord can also serve as a bookmark, adding more practical flavor into this traditional book form. The design is a resuscitation of the ancient Leporello with modern thinking, presenting the readers with a fresh reading journey on an old-fashioned road.


RONG – Redesign of Leporello 2
RONG – Redesign of Leporello 3
RONG – Redesign of Leporello 4
RONG – Redesign of Leporello 5
RONG – Redesign of Leporello 6
RONG – Redesign of Leporello 7
RONG – Redesign of Leporello 8
RONG – Redesign of Leporello 9
RONG – Redesign of Leporello 10
RONG – Redesign of Leporello 11

Designer & Author: Qianli Ma, Chen Liang


MDF, Vellum paper 140 g/m², Red rubber rope

Dimensions (mm):

122(W) x 23(D) x 266(H)

设计师&作者: 马千里, 梁晨


高密度纤维板, Vellum paper 140 g/m²(纸张),



122(W) x 23(D) x 266(H)


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