Nomadic Shelf

The 21st century is the era of people with no roots, like the nomadic. Their life is like a highly compressed journey. Fluidity brings confusion together with longing for new things. Belonging is what the design attempts to bring to the nomadic.
Centering on this theme, the design employs no single screw for the load-bearing structure. No single tool is required to disassemble the shelf. All parts of the shelf can be flat packed to save the space in transportation. Without fixed screws, the shelf is thus open to individual alteration in modality so as to cater to different customers’ spatial requirements.
More possibilities are created from the missing vertical baffles between the shelf, making room for storage or display of personal items.The bookshelf becomes a symbol of home, to which the person belong.
The materials picked for the shelf panels are bamboo and steel. While the bamboo stands out with both its stability and oriental beauty, the steel offers multiple choices for the surface and the color.


Nomadic Shelf 1
Nomadic Shelf 2
Nomadic Shelf 3
Nomadic Shelf 4
Nomadic Shelf 5
Nomadic Shelf 6
Nomadic Shelf 7
Nomadic Shelf 8
Nomadic Shelf 9
Nomadic Shelf 10

Designer: Qianli Ma 


Bamboo board, Steel Pipe

( White / Multicolor optional) 

Dimensions (mm): 

2200(W) x 400(D) x 1300(H)

设计师: 马千里


竹板,钢管 (白色镀层 / 支持多色)


2200(W) x 400(D) x 1300(H)


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