It is our honor to announce that our designing works,  LUFFA Series  furniture and  X-Knitting Lounger , won the 2019 German Design Award! We would like to thank Germany Design Committee for their acknowledgement of our work and Xi’an Yiniao Age Culture Media for their support in our design project. This highest leveled award of design in Germany is the most valuable gift and praise for my 5-year study and work in Germany.

2019 德国国家设计奖!

非常荣幸地宣布,我们的2项设计作品   丝 系列家具  与  X-编织躺椅  获得的2019年度的 德国国家设计奖!我要感谢德国设计委员会对我们作品的认可,以及西安益鸟文化传播公司对我们设计项目的支持。 荣获这个代表德国最高水准的设计奖项,这是对我在德国5年学习与工作的鼓励,也是份最珍贵的礼物!